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The Neigh-bourhood


Welcome to the Neigh-bourhood

A village to all those bronies and pegasisters out there that love My Little Pony and want to show that love.

We are a themed village based on Ponyville for everyone who likes My Little Pony. A place to meet other bronies and pegasisters, talk about MLP-FiM or other Generations, share art, test your skills in contests and, principally, have fun!


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Deputy Mayor

Go Apples, Go Go, Go Apples Go!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 7:40 AM

This week on Galloping News!
- #FaveCharMonth
- MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 21 - Scare Master
- MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 17 - Brotherhooves Social
- MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 16 - Made in Manehatten
And more, take a look!

Hello dear villagers from The Neigh-bourhood

It's your Mayor, Helike and it's another edition of Galloping News!

We'll have two episodes from past week too, cause I totally missed 'em, as, with the movie, I through they wouldn't release any new episodes together.

We'll start today our next #ThemeMonth and it will be: #FaveCharMonth.
It's pretty self explanatory, don't it? And there's something more important than FaveChar to us?

Remember to add the hashtag #FaveCharMonth to all you works for this #ThemedMonth!

We'll start a poll to select next month theme will be on at the last weekend of the month (October 24-26).
Stay tuned :D

My Little RP

Our villager nugget21 decided to open a Great and Easy to use MLP RP Site and is looking to recruit some members to join the Fun!
"We are Story focused arc driven role play site that uses exciting story arcs to bring characters together and give them something to do much like the comics. Our take on the MLP universe is based off the comics and the Friendship is Magic TV series." - nugget21
So, what about go take a look and have some extra fun? Free OCs are welcome and encouraged as well as Canon characters!
My Little RP website

We need your generosity!

We'd like to come back with the contest we used to realize and we need funds to the maintenance of our village.
But we need your help to turn it possible.
So, we'd like to ask to our amazing villagers for some donations.
What they can be? Artwork, Points, Premium Memberships, Feature etc.
Just send us a note saying in what you can help us and we'll store it and sort between the contests!
We're counting on you, my dear villagers!

Video suggestions

We'd love to recieve some suggestions from ya of animations, musics, vlogs, podcasts etc, about our awesome show.

Neigh-bourhood Cinema

MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 21 - Scare Master

It's a leaked episode, that was sold earlier on iTunes. I could not find any Youtube video without commented reactions, just DailyMotion with Portuguese subtitles from a brazillian Facebook page I follow.
Mirrors: Mirror

MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 16 - Made in Manehatten

Mirrors: Mirror

MLP:FiM - Season 5 Episode 17 - Brotherhooves Social

Mirrors: Mirror 1

MLP:FiM - Song - Sisterhood

Top Donors

Help us fund contest prizes and maintaining our village!

Our top donors will be featured here for everypony to see! Donate today and help our villager to grow!

:iconxboomdiersx: :iconkoroyo: :iconzachattackj: :icontreenamiorca48: :iconcyle: :iconlovey-the-cute-pony: :iconpony-berserker: :iconbaly89:  

100 :points: 90 :points: 77 :points: 59 :points: 50 :points: 50 :points: 40 :points: 5 :points:

Well, we finally arrived to the end of this edition of the Galloping News! I hope you all liked it and I'd love to recieve some critiques!
Also, if you wanna divulgue, spread or request some thing, send me a NOTE and I'll put it on the next edition.

One more time, thank you all for read this edition of Galloping News and your support.
See ya next time, ponies.
~Dragon Off.

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