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The Neigh-bourhood


Welcome to the Neigh-bourhood

A village to all those bronies and pegasis out there that loves My Little Pony and wants to show that love.

We are a themed village based on Ponyville to everyone who likes My Little Pony. A place to meet another bronies and pegasis, talk about MLP-FiM or another Generations, share art, test your skills on contests and, principally, have fun!


Need some help?

Take a look on our Rules and our FAQ

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Deputy Mayor

GN - Freundschaft ist Magie!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 8:13 AM

Hello dear villagers from The Neigh-bourhood

It's your Mayor, Helike and it's another edition of Galloping News!

Voice Auditions


Our friend Runya-Isamu is looking for voices for an MLP/Naruto crossover animation she's working in, if you are interested, talk with her for book your audition and futher informations. Get more informations at this journal too:


So, yeah! What about a new raffle?
This time we gonna have a BIG prize!
One more time... How will it works?
We gonna list some actions ahead and for each action you gonna recieve a certain numbers of entries. Those entries will convert to numbers and stored until the deadline, when we gonna sort, using, the winners.
And here the actions table:

Action# Entries
Post a Journal about it2


- When you post the journal you NEED to comment on this journal with the link.
- Journal just works ONE TIME.
- There's a limit of 200 points per villager, to avoid problems between who has a few amount of points and who has alot of points. Please attention to this rule, as there's alot of villagers, will be hard to refund who give more than should, in others words, there will be no refunds.
Donation Spot:

Don't have points?

It's not the end of the world! Following some ways to get some free points:
> Llama trade
   There's a Llama trade system on dA where a user offer a certain amount of points (usually 1) for a Llama. The suggestion is take a look daily:
> dAHub
   dAHub is a bot system where depending of your actions (there's a more datailed info on it's profile) you recieve a certain amount of points: dAhub
> dATrade
   Pretty similar to dAHub: dATrade

If somepony any other way to get points, lemme know, so we can help each other.


We going to sort 3 winners, with the following prizes:
#1 Winner
String of Ponies 2 (that's reminds Mane6) from Bergiloh 's Project Pewter Ponies (preview here)
#2 Winner
A traditional drawing from Auriaslayer
#3 Winner
A digital drawing or pixel art (static or basic animation) from midnightpremier


The raffle deadline will be August 17 and the results will be posted during the following week or at the following weekend.

Have Fun!

Remember it's charity to help our village keep growing. Play nice and have fun!
And one more information: The Feature by donation will keep going. Donate at least 40 points (need to be donated at once) you'll recieve a 'one week feature' on our donation spot MLPF-donate.

We need ya generosity!


This contest, is just the first one of some we're plaining for the following months.
But we need your help to turn it possible.
So, we'd like to ask to our amazing villagers for some donations.
What they can be? Artwork, Points, Premium Memberships, Feature etc.
Just send us a note saying in what you can help us and we'll store it and sort between the contests!
We're counting on you, my dear villagers!

Video suggestions

As the season ended, we'd love to recieve some suggestions from ya of animations, musics, vlogs, podcasts etc about our loveful show.

Neigh-bourhood Cinema

Apples to the Core (174UDSI Remix)

Suggested by AdmiralPopeye

United Equestria - Symphonic Metal

Suggested by AdmiralPopeye

Trixie Lulamoon - Deadly Ground

Suggested by AdmiralPopeye

Well, we finally arrived to the end of this edition of the Galloping News! I hope you all liked it and I'd love to recieve some critiques!
Also, if you wanna divulgue, spread or request some thing, send me a NOTE and I'll put it on the next edition.

One more time, thank you all for read this edition of Galloping News and your support.
See ya next time, ponies.
~Dragon Off.

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